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EPISODE #435: Madison Spanked Over Costume - 6 Minutes
Roommates Madison Martin and Yasmine Sinclair are throwing a costume party at their place. But Madison did not wear the flight attendant costume to match the one Yasmine is wearing. So Yasmine gives Madison a quick but painful spanking before the guests arrive, even if their is a risk of them seeing... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #434: Lexi Spanked For Graffiti - 14 Minutes
Snow Mercy catches Lexi Holland spray painting the side of the building. So she marches Lexi into her office by her ear, where she lectures Lexi and then gives her a sound spanking over her knee, first with her hand, then using a painful wooden ruler. Her bottom turns red and it hurts her so much t... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #433: Nude Numi Zarah Get Spanked - 10 Minutes
Clare Fonda is interviewing candidates to be her new roommate. Since she is offering such an incredibly low rent deal, new candidate Numi Zarah is willing to get nude and take a spanking from Clare. Zumi has this amazingly round bottom that Clare really enjoys spanking. That bottom turns bright red ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #432: Madison Late Again - 13 Minutes
Madison Martin is late with her rent yet again. When Apartment Complex manager Sky Terrapin comes by to collect the rent, she is surprised but as she promised, she gives Madison a very long and painful spanking that turns that curvy bottom bright red. She even uses a hairbrush to drive the lesson ho... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #431: Clare Spanks The Mormon - 7 Minutes
Clare Fonda was spanked by Mormon Kyla Keys and now Clare is looking for some payback. She puts the smaller Kyla over her knee for a sound spanking and even has her strip naked. Clare uses her hand and hairbrush to turn that perky bottom bright red and making it difficult for Kyla to sit down.
EPISODE #430: Carmen Spanks Dria For Stealing - 14 Minutes
Carmen is a friend to the mother of Dria. When Carmen catches Dria taking booze from her mom without permission, she threatens to tell her mom. Dria will do anything if Carmen does not tell. So Dria ends up over the knee of Carmen, receiving a sound spanking on her very curvy bottom with hand and ha... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #429: Stevie Spanks Madison - 8 Minutes
Madison Martin had spanked Stevie Rose recently. And now, as often is the case, Madison needs to borrow money from Stevie to pay rent this month. Stevie will help, but only after she spanks Madison in a bit of a revenge moment. Stevie turns that famously bouncy bottom bright red with her hand plus a... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #428: Clare Spanked By Mormom - 8 Minutes
It is not bad enough that Clare got spanked by her new roommate Sky Terrapin. Now her mom, played by Kyla Keys, comes to tell Clare that every time she flirts with her daughter Sky, Clare will also receive a spanking from the mother of Sky, who is a strict Mormon who believes in corporal punishment.... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #427: Sky Spanks Clare - 10 Minutes
Clare Fonda is interviewing her new roommate candidate Sky Terrapin, who is a Mormon. When Clare starts flirting with the tall beauty, an appalled Sky puts her over her knee for a sound spanking. Clare wiggles and complains, so Sky stuffs panties into her mouth to keep Clare quiet. Sky even uses a h... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #426: Yasmine Spanked For Stealing - 11 Minutes
Madison Martin catches her roommate Yasmine Sinclair stealing her food again. There is only one thing Madison can do to teach her a lesson. She puts Yasmine over her knee right in the kitchen for a painful spanking. She even uses the wooden spatula to drive home the lesson. When it is over, Yasmine ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #425: Rachel Spanked For Noise - 10 Minutes
Dria is the manager at the apartment complex and she calls Rachel Adams into her office to chastise her for the complaints about Rachel being too noisy. Rachel is defiant. She believes she has the right to play loud music late at night. Dria shows Rachel what happens to noisy tenants, who must eith... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #424: Madison Swan Spanks Yasmine - 11 Minutes
Yasmine Sinclair decides that she wants to spank her new roommate applicant Madison Swan. But Madison has other idea. Before she knows it, Yasmine is over the new of the new applicant, receiving a sound spanking. First with the hand, then with a hairbrush. Yasmine is left with a sore, red bottom an... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #423: Apricot Spanks Madison - 11 Minutes
Madison Martin asks Apricot Pitts to lie for her and tell the landlord that Madison never spanked the repair person. Apricot will only do it if Madison lets Apricot spank her right now. Reluctantly Madison agrees and gets over her knee for a sound hand spanking over her extremely short shorts and ev... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #422: Sophia Gets Spanked Hard - 10 Minutes
Sophia appeared in a never released scene many years ago in which she was spanked hard by Mr. Ford. For your entertainment our scene is released in a full 10 minute scene. Her cute, curvy bottom turns bright red as she is given a sound hand spanking.
EPISODE #421: Dria and Tiana Christen New Place - 14 Minutes
Dria and Tiana move into their new place and decide to christen it with one more round of spanking each other. They spank each other over their tight shorts then also cane each other. It is painful on their already sore bottoms, but they feel that it something that will help with their discipline.
EPISODE #420: Swim Instructor Spanks Yasmine - 10 Minutes
Yasmine Sinclair has hired Madison Martin to teach her how to swim. But when Yasmine tells Madison that she is not really interested in getting into the pool, Madison thinks of a way to help motivate her. She marches her into the house where she puts Yasmine over her knee for a long hard spanking th... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #419: Dria and Tiana New Roommate Spanking - 22 Minutes
Tiana Irie wants to be a roommate with Dria, who must get a new place in the spanking apartment complex. Dria insists that they audition with a long caning and spanking to make sure they are compatible. Keeping on their tight shorts, they take turns caning and spanking each other very very hard, for... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #418: Abbie Maley Spanks Clare - 9 Minutes
A nude Abbie Maley was spanked by her roommate Clare Fonda. And now it is payback time. Abbie has Clare strip naked and puts the much taller lady over her knee. Both ladies are naked, and both ladies will end up with sore, red bottoms. Abbie uses a hardy dose of the hairbrush to help Clare feel it.... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #417: Dria Spanked By Pops - 6 Minutes
Dria decides living at home is better than trying to move back into the apartment complex where you get spanked every time you do something wrong. She quickly learns that she is not too old to get spanked at home either. She gets a short but painful hand spanking that motivates her to move out.
EPISODE #416: Clare Spanks Abbie - 8 Minutes
Clare Fonda has a new roommate, Abbie Maley, who spent her rent money on a coffin. Clare is outraged and as punishment she has Abbie strip naked, which it seems like Abbie enjoys doing. But then she spanks they tiny lady with a firm bubble butt, turning that toned bottom bright red. Abbie gets a so... JOIN FOR MORE