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EPISODE #119: Mr Ford spanks Audrey - 10 Minutes
Audrey Knight, the lawyer, has been depressed and passive. She had the aggression spanked out of her some time ago by Mr. Ford. Now he is back to spank that power right back into her, using his hand, a wooden brush and even her own flip flop. When he finished, she is her old self, but can't sit down... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #118: Mary Jane and Lilia spank each other - 16 Minutes
Mary Jane and Lilia argue over who is supposed to do the chores. In this apartment complex this can only mean one thing - it will escalate into a spanking for each girl, over the knee in the kitchen with hand and hairbrush. Both of these girls juicy round bottoms turn bright red!
EPISODE #117: Kay spanks Ashley - 14 Minutes
Kay got spanked by the maid for leaving a vibrator in her room. But her friend Ash (Ariel X) is the one who planted it. Now it is Kay's turn to get back for this prank, so she puts Ashley over her knee and spanks her, then bends her over and paddles her.
EPISODE #116: Madison ends Tawny's reign of terror - 18 Minutes
Madison gets spanked yet again by the Teacher's Assistant Tawny (played by Madison Young). But this time Madison shows how she will never take this again. She overpowers the smaller girl and spanks her hard with hand and paddle. Tawny swears she will never spank Madison again.
EPISODE #115: Missy and Claw lay down the law - 8 Minutes
Missy's roommate Lilia has not been keeping up her end of the arrangement. So Missy's acting coach Miss Claw teaches her how to act more assertive. Missy spanks Lilia, then Miss Claw spanks her with hand and a large bath brush.
EPISODE #114: Kay and her maid spank each other - 14 Minutes
Kay's maid Rosario Stone catches her uses her vibrator on herself. Madison has instructed Rosario to spank Kay whenever she finds her doing this. So Rosario gives Kay a sound spanking and some hard whacks with the paddle. Kay has had enough and returns the favor on the maid's curvy bottom.
EPISODE #113: Mark punishes Madison and Faye - 18 Minutes
Mark catches his ex Sarah Faye fighting with Madison, his new girlfriend. The two girls are spanking each other and out of control in his office so he has no choice but to teach each of them a good lesson with his hand and his large wooden office yard stick.
EPISODE #112: Veronica spanks Alexis - 12 Minutes
Veronica is tired of her new roommate Alexis Grace not cleaning up and not paying her part of the rent. She also accuses Alexis of being a hooker. Alexis has no choice but to go over Veronica's lap for a hand and hair brush spanking. She cries out so loud that she must be gagged with her panites
EPISODE #111: Mary Jane spanks Lilia and Missy - 24 Minutes
Missy wasn't ready when Lilia picked her up and they were very late to get Mary Jane for her photo shoot. She was so late they canceled her shoot. So she decides to teach the two girls a lesson in punctuality. She spanks Lilia hard while Missy watches in terror. Then she spanks Missy, then paddles L... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #110: Alannah spanks Kay - 10 Minutes
Alannah Rae hasn't forgotten the spankings that Kay gave her while looking for Ahsley's new girlfriend Sarah. So the much taller girl throws Kay over her stool and spanks her hard. Then she pulls off her nightie, throws her over her knee and turns Kay's bottom bright red and speckled.
EPISODE #109: Mr Fuller spanks Chloe Elise - 6 Minutes
Mr. Fuller, Chloe's boss at the accounting firm, realizes that Chloe still has not learned her lessons about being on time and doing her work properly. He gives her one more chance, but needs to teach her another lesson, so he bends her over a desk and spanks her hard.
EPISODE #108: Lilia spanks Mary Jane - 10 Minutes
Mary Jane is VERY drunk when she visits Lilia, who she had recently spanked hard. Now it is Lilia's turn to take advantage of Mary Jane's helpless situation by dragging her over her knee and spanking her until Mary Jane agrees to move in as Lilia's new roommate. Lilia even puts a lease agreement on ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #107: Missy and Madison Team Spank Claw - 8 Minutes
Missy is still sore from the last spanking that her acting coach Miss Claw gave her. And Madison is upset with Miss Claw for tipping off Cynthia that it was her birthday, which resulted in a long spanking from Cynthia. So Missy and Madison team up on Miss Claw and give her a sore bottom, too. They t... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #106: Madison's Birthday Spanking - 14 Minutes
Madison turns 25 today and she hides in Mark's office, hoping no one will give her a birthday spanking on her already sore bottom. But Cynthia (Sinn Sage), Mark's secretary, has other plans. She gives her spanking after spanking, with hand, paddle and yardstick, then calls in Mr. Ford to give anothe... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #105: Ashley spanks and whips Kay - 16 Minutes
Ashley has come to pick up Kay and take her to her company picnic. But Kay is not ready to go and furthermore has dressed very inappropriately. What else can Ashley do but turn Kay over her knee for a hard spankikng with hand and hairbush. She finds a whip that Madison left around and uses that on K... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #104: Mary Jane spanks Lilia - 9 Minutes
Mary Jane meets Lilia for the first time, visiting her because she heard she might have a job opening at her restaurant. But Lilia just hired Missy. Mary Jane doesn't believe her and spanks her really hard with her hand and a hairbrush until Lilia at least loans her some money.
EPISODE #103: Missy and Veronica spanked by Miss Claw and Alexis - 20 Minutes
Alexis bursts into Veronica's apartment and tells her that she MUST take her in as a new roommate. But Veronica has Missy as her roommate now. Alexis spanks Veronica (hand and hairbrush) until she calls Missy to let her know she can't be her roommate anymore. Missy gets the call while taking actin... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #102: Madison and Tawny wrestle and spank - 12 Minutes
When Tawny catches Madison practicing her dance moves in the alley outside of her office, Tawny threatens to tell Madison's boss unless she lets her spank her. Madison refuses and then the two wrestle and spank each other.
EPISODE #101: Kay and Ashley wrestle and spank - 14 Minutes
Kay and Ashley are working out when they begin to argue about how their relationship has turned out. First, they begin smacking each other's bottoms playfully. Then it becomes war. They wrestle and spank each other harder and harder with hands and even hairbrush. It leads to some kissing, but Kay is... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #100: Lilia Spanks Missy the Waitress - 12 Minutes
Veronica sent her roommate Missy to see Lilia Spinoza, who is looking to hire someone. Missy thinks it is for an acting job. But it is waitress work at Cleopatra's, an Egyptian styled restaurant. Lilia spanks Missy until she agrees to put on the waitress uniform and take the job. And because Missy w... JOIN FOR MORE