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EPISODE #335: Maddy Spanks Maid Rachel to Tears - 12 Minutes
Rachel Adams makes her debut on this site as a maid who is working for a cleaning agency run by strict Maddy Marks. When Rachel gets a bad report for leaving a mess at a place she was supposed to clean, Maddy gives her bad worker tearful a lesson in strict discipline. Maddy spanks and paddles Rache... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #334: Adriana Gets Spanking Rules - 8 Minutes
Adriana Evans is ready to be the new roommate for Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) but she discovers that she must now read the roommate rules while Kay spanks her. Kay uses her hand and hairbrush to break in Adriana, who ends up with a sore, red bottom afterwards. The two ladies compare sore bottoms an... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #333: Madison Spanked For Missing Rent - 12 Minutes
Madison Martin is working in the office when her roommate Emily Parker shows up asking for the rent money she is owed. Madison needs an extension, which of course as per apartment rules, results in Madison getting a spanking. Emily puts Madison over her knee right there in her office and gives her ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #332: Clare Spanked For Harrassment - 14 Minutes
Clare Fonda has been promoting young men in the office that she manages based on how much they flirt with her. When Kyle Johnson marches into her office to complain, she suggests that he put out more if he wants to get ahead. Kyle will go over her head if Clare does not change her ways. And he gives... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #331: Adriana Spanks Kay - 7 Minutes
Kay Richards wants to switch roommates. Adriana Evans suggests that she would be a good roommate, but Kay is reluctant. Ariana uses the power of spanking to help Kay consider her. And it is a very sound spanking over her knee with her hand and a hairbrush that goes toward changing her mind. Kay is ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #330: Lux Lives Spanked For Stalking - 8 Minutes
Lux Lives is a very tall (over 6 ft) model who stars as a stalked to Kay Richards. Kay tells her large friend Mr. Ford all about how Lux is breaking into her place and looking on her computer. Mr. Ford catches Lux in the act, in fact, and puts her over his knee for a painful hand spanking which turn... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #329: Snow Teaches Aali the Rules - 10 Minutes
Snow Mercy breaks in a new roommate by having her read the roommate rules while over her knee receiving a long and painful spanking. She starts with her hand and finishes with a wooden hairbrush. New girl Aali Kali reads the rules while she is getting spanked. It is so embarrassing and painful and s... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #328: Maid Spanks Kay For Bounced Check - 15 Minutes
Maid Maddy Marks was recently spanked by Kay Richards. And now her check from Kay bounced. So she has the perfect way to pay Kay back for this problem. Yes, it is with a very hard and very long spanking over her knee with her hand and a wooden bath brush. Kay gets so sore and so speckled that she p... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #327: Riley Gets Revenge - 8 Minutes
Riley Anne was spanked by her roommate Clare Fonda for cooking bad food. Now she thinks that was not fair, so she gets Clare over the counter in the kitchen and gives that lady a sound spanking using her hand and a wooden spoon. Both ladies learn their lesson and both leave with sore, red bottoms. A... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #326: Schoolgirl Spanked by Mom - 26 Minutes
Madison Martin got a bad report card and her mom (played by Clare Fonda)decides that Madison is not too old for a spanking. This is so embarrassing to Madison, who calls a friend before and after the spanking to tell her all about it. It is a long and painful spanking over the knee and includes hand... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #325: Natalia Spanked Over Noise Complaint - 18 Minutes
When Kay Richards gets a complain that her roommate Natalia Love is making too much noise late at night, Kay bursts into the living room to dish out some serious discipline. She puts Natalia over her knee for a very long and painful spanking, using her hand and a large wooden paddle that leaves tha... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #324: Squater Lifted and Spanked - 7 Minutes
In this classic never before released on a membership site scene, the beautiful Alexis Grace tries to stay in the house of Mr. Ford, who lives next to the apartment complex. He tries to get her out peacefully, but when she refuses to leave, he lifts her and carries her to a position over his knee, w... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #323: Riley Anne Spanked For Bad Cooking - 8 Minutes
Riley Anne is the beautiful new roommate to Clare Fonda, who expects some things from Riley to live rent free. First she expects her to cook something edible. And when Riley fails miserably at this requirement, Clare bends her over the kitchen counter and gives Riley a fully nude spanking that turn... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #322: Kay Spanks Adrianna For Harassment - 11 Minutes
Kay Richards is fed up with Adriana Evan harassment in the office. So he marches in and puts Adriana over her knee for a long and painful spanking to teach her a lesson. Adriana squeals and protests, but there is not getting out of this punishment. And Kay does not just use her hand, she pulls out ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #321: Madison Spanks Parker For Getting It Wrong - 6 Minutes
Turns out Madison Martin was spanked by her roommate Emily Parker who had inaccurate information. So now Madison gets to spank Emily over her knee and it is so satisfying as she sequels as her bottom turns bright red. No their stuff was not stolen. So Emily learns her lesson the hard way, then must... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #320: Kyle Spanks Bad Worker In Office - 10 Minutes
In this classic scene that has never been released on a membership site, Kyle Johnson is the young boss who punishes new girl in the office for breaking many rules and sleeping on the job. He first bends her over her desk for a spanking with a wooden ruler, then puts her over his knee to really teac... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #319: Kay Paddles Roommate at Office - 15 Minutes
Natalia Love broke one of the Apartment Complex rules and Kay Richards visits her at her new job in an office to deliver the punishment. She puts Natalia over her knee for a long and painful spanking on her curvy bottom and then follows that up with a painful punishment with a large, wooden paddle, ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #318: Jenna Sativa Spanks New Roommie River - 9 Minutes
Sexy Jenna Satvia, wearing only her bra and panties breaks in her new roommate River Fox by spanking her while River reads the rules of the apartment complex. River is not used to being spanked, so this really stings and she struggles to read. She starts out with her patriotic bikini, but ends up sp... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #317: New Roommates Spank Each Other - 9 Minutes
Spanking legends Alex Reynolds and Christy Cutie appear for the first time on this site as roommates who become new residents of the spanking apartment complex. When they cannot agree on things, they discover that they must spank each other to resolve their issues. The hairbrush comes out, bottoms a... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #316: Kay Spanked For Stealing Mail - 8 Minutes
Kay Richards gets called into the office of the big Mr. Ford, where he confronts her about complaints from residents at the apartment complex that Kay is stealing their mail. She claims that she is only checking packages for safety issues. She ends up over his knee for a very painful spanking that t... JOIN FOR MORE