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EPISODE #479: Expired Food Part 2 - 11 Minutes
Dani Synclair pays a visit to Tiana Irie. Turns out Dani was one of the guests who got sick from the food Tiana cooked with expired ingredients. Tiana says she was already spanked for this mistake, but Dani is here to spank Tiana on her already sore bottom. She puts her over her knee for a sound one... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #478: Expired Food Part 1 - 12 Minutes
Yasmine Sinclair catches her roommate Tiana Irie cooking with expired food. They had a party at the apartment last night and many of the guests got sick to their stomachs. Yasmine decides it is time to teach Tiana a lesson. She puts her over her knee in the kitchen for a very sound spanking with her... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #477: Lexi Spanks Madison In Office - 12 Minutes
Panty Saleslady Lexi Holland marches back into the office where Madison Martin spanked her last week. Lexi is still has a sore, red bottom and she wants all of her panties that Madison took back. In fact, if Madison will not take a spanking from Lexi, she will sue her. So Madison gets spanked long a... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #476: Pumpkin Head Spanking Part 4 - 7 Minutes
In the final chapter of this remastered classic, the Scary Pumpkin Head spanks both Staci and Patty at the same time. He has them bend over for hand spanks, then puts them both over his giant lap at the same time and spanks them more and finally gives each curvy bottom a sound whack with his enormou... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #475: Pumpkin Head Spanking Part 3 - 7 Minutes
Now Patty takes a turn scaring Staci about the Scary Pumpkin Spanker. And Patty pays with it by getting a spanking from Staci, who first bends her over the sofa before putting Patty over her knee for a nice hand spanking.
EPISODE #474: Sky Spanked Over Rent - 10 Minutes
Madison Martin overhears her roommate Sky Terrapin telling someone on the phone that she will not be able to pay rent this month. So Madison needs to give Sky a spanking over her knee, as per the rules of the apartment complex. Sky gets a red bottom and has trouble sitting after this spanking.
EPISODE #473: Pumpkin Head Spanking Part 2 - 9 Minutes
Stacy is trying to scare Patty about the legend of the Pumpkin Head Spanker. While they are watching a scary movie on TV. This very retro scene then turns to Patty give the large bottomed Stacy a sound spanking over her knee. But maybe they should be scared.
EPISODE #472: Graycee Baybee Spanks Clare - 15 Minutes
Clare Fonda has a new, sexy roommate named Graycee Baybee. This tall beauty is totally nude in the living room because it seems as if Clare has hidden all of her clothes. As per the apartment complex rules, Graycee gives Clare a very long, very sound spanking using hand and hairbrush until Clare tel... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #471: Madison Spanked For Not Cleaning - 10 Minutes
Madison Martin is supposed to be cleaning as part of her roommate agreement with Gigi Lea. But Gigi catches Madison on her phone and ignoring her duties for the last 50 minutes. So Madison is bent over the kitchen counter and spanked hard by Gigi, including 50 whacks with a wooden spatula that Madis... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #470: Pumpkin Head Spanking Part 1 - 9 Minutes
In this oldie-but-goodie scene that plays like a horror film, Pumpkin Head is a monster who is into spanking and finds mad scientist Fawn Fonda in her lab where he gives her a hard spanking and paddling that will encourage her to stop her crazy experimentation and leaves her with a sore, red bottom.... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #469: Amy Spanked Over Rent - 7 Minutes
Amy Fox has not paid rent the last couple of months. Landlord Miss Clara Matthews overhears Amy on the phone talking about how she plans to spends money on material items. Clara decides to teach Amy new priorities in money management with a sound spanking and paddling. Lesson learned.
EPISODE #468: Gigi Spanked For Dinner - 11 Minutes
Madison Martin cannot believe the dinner her roommate Gigi Lea made for her. Mostly beets. Madison has given Gigi the rules and this serving is not acceptable. So Gigi bends over the sink and gets a painful spanking from Madison, which includes her hand plus a wooden spatula that turns her curvy bot... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #467: Case Spanks Stevie Over Rent - 11 Minutes
Stevie Rose and Case Cherry are roommates. When Stevie cannot pay her portion of the rent this month, Case has no choice but to spank Stevie over her knee as part of their agreement. Case uses her stingy hand plus a wooden paddle to drive the lesson home, turning that curvy bottom bright red.
EPISODE #466: Retro Clare Spanked By Boss - 7 Minutes
In this retro scene that was never released on a site, Clare Fonda has spanked her maid Lilith in one of the original scenes on Girl Spanks Girl. The boss of Lilith shows up to the apartment to teach Clare a lesson - no spanking his staff. Clare goes over his knee for a sound hand spanking that turn... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #465: Panty Saleslady Spanked - 13 Minutes
Lexi Holland is a Panty Saleslady who visits Madison Martin in her office. Lexi is going door to door at the apartment complex selling her panties. Madison is mortified and uses a firm hand to put a stop to this madness. Madison puts Lexi over her knee for a long, sound spanking with hand and a wood... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #464: Sophia Gets Spanked By Landlord - 9 Minutes
Miss Bernadette is the landlord for Sophia Quinn, who has been using the internet without permission or without signing up for it. Miss B is not happy and as happens often in the spanking apartment complex, Sophia finds herself over the knee getting a sound spanking and paddling from the angry and s... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #463: The Cleaning Fee - 12 Minutes
Yasmine Sinclair is leaving her apartment a mess, so not only does she not get her cleaning deposit returned by apartment complex manager Snow Mercy, she gets a spanking and paddling from the powerful beauty for leaving a mess that will cost more than the deposit to fix. Yasmine yelps while her bott... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #462: Gigi Spanks Madison Over Rent - 12 Minutes
Madison Martin spanked Gigi Leah recently as she went over her new roommate rules. But Madison is short on rent this month, breaking one of her own rules. So Gigi gets a chance for a revenge spanking, putting Madison over her knee for a hand spanking before finishing it with a nice paddling.
EPISODE #461: Clare Spanked Again - 14 Minutes
Clare Fonda recently spanked Luna and then got spanked by her as well. Now Luna has sent her very strong friend Bella Ink to give Clare yet another longer, harder spanking on her already sore bottom. Bella puts Clare over her knee and turns that famous bottom bright red with her hand and a wooden pa... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #460: Massage Spanking Part 2 - 9 Minutes
Clare Fonda recently spanked her masseuse Luna Leve. Now Luna is looking for some payback. Luna puts Clare over her knee for a sound spanking, even having Clare fetch the wooden brush that bares her name. Then she spanks Clare hard with the brush, leaving Clare kicking and yelping and finally rubbin... JOIN FOR MORE