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EPISODE #239: Dani Daniels Gives Kay a Nude Spanking in Office - 12 Minutes
Super hot Dani Daniels gets caught changing in her office by flight attendant Kay Richards. Dani is upset, so she has Kay strip naked also and bends her over her knee for a long, hard spanking with her hand, and a wooden paddle. Kay kicks and screams and her bottom speckles and turns bright red, but... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #238: Madison Gives Mandy a Move-in Spanking - 8 Minutes
Madison Martin has invited her cousin Mandy Muse to move into her apartment. But Madison must first demonstrate what will happen if Mandy acts up - and that is a trip over her knee for a spanking over her tight shorts, followed by a bare bottom spanking. Mandy's cute curvy butt gets red, but she's ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #237: Sugar Mamma Clare Spanks Kay - 21 Minutes
Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) has been struggling with rent so much that she is staying with Clare Fonda, who is acting as her Sugar Mamma. When Kay tries calling someone for a possible date, Clare catches her and now must punish her with a long, hard spanking using her hand and a wooden bath brush t... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #236: Revenge Spankings - 14 Minutes
Stevie Rose bursts into Madison Martin's living room to complain about how sore she is from the last spanking Madison gave her. She missed work because she can't sit down. She gets her revenge by spanking Madison hard, with hand and wooden bath brush. But Madison gets her own revenge on Stevie, prom... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #235: Missy Rhodes Gets Spanked over Pinball Machine - 12 Minutes
In Missy Rhodes last spanking scene, she gets bent over an old fashioned pinball machine and given an old fashioned spanking by Veronica Ricci. But Missy won't go out without a fight - she bends Veronica over and spanks her with her hand and a wooden hairbrush. Two very red bottoms when all is said ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #234: Kay Spanks Dani Daniels in Her Office - 13 Minutes
Kay Richards has something to hold over her boss, pilot Dani Daniels. She explains how she filmed her sexually harassing other flight attendants and she will keep her silence only if Dani takes a spanking right there in her office. Kay puts her over her knee for a long, painful hand spanking that tu... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #233: Sarah Gregory Spanked by Landlord - 15 Minutes
Sarah Gregory has not paid her rent for a while. When her landlord John Osborne overhears her talking about buying expensive shoes, he decides she needs help with discipline. He gives her a sound spanking and gives her a strict deadline as to when she must pay her rent by or receive another spanking... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #232: Madison Punishes Two School Girls - 15 Minutes
Madison Martin is now working as a counselor and a girl's school. When 2 naughty school girls, Jenna Sativa and Mandy Muse (who is making her spanking debut) act up and give Madison a wedgie in her office, she spanks each girl to teach them some discipline. These two young ladies have nice round bot... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #231: Lana Lopez Spanked in Woods - 8 Minutes
Lana Lopez is assisting Mr. Ford on his photo shoot in the woods. But it turns out she forgot most of the gear she was supposed to bring. A spanking is in order to teach her a valuable lesson. She turns bright red in her face cheeks (from embarrassment) and butt cheeks (from the painful spanking).
EPISODE #230: Dani Daniels Spanks Kay in her Kitchen - 13 Minutes
Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) and Dani Daniels get back from a work out when Kay decides to have a drink. Dani needs to teach her to stay away from the booze and decides a sound spanking right there in the kitchen will do the trick. Dani turns Kay's bottom red and speckled with her hand, and a hard w... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #229: Madison and Snow Wrestle and Spank - 12 Minutes
Madison Martin and Snow Mercy are at it again. This time their big fight leads to some wrestling, hard core struggling and lots of spanking with hand and paddle. All over who lost the keys. Two ladies with amazing booties and the will to spank hard!
EPISODE #228: Plumber Collects Kay's IOU - 10 Minutes
Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) gave plumber Chad Alva and IOU for the work he did on her pipes. When he comes to collect, she says she doesn't have it. But after a long, hard spanking with hand and hairbrush she finds the cash he needs. And now she's sorry and has a red, sore bottom.
EPISODE #227: Clown Spanking - 18 Minutes
Celeste Star and Jamie Hendrix are roommates. When Celeste owes Jamie a favor, Jamie demands she go work as a clown at her little sister's birthday party. She spanks Celeste to help convince her. But when Celeste returns she spanks Jamie to let her know how bad this party was. She spanks her for a l... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #226: Alaina and Madison are Spanked - 7 Minutes
Alaina Fox get spanked on her already sore bottom by Mr. Ford. But when Madison arrives, and it is learned that she had a lot to do with Alaina's behavior, Madison gets spanked first by Alaina, then by Mr. Ford. And while he is spanking Madison, it is Alaina's turn to taunt Madison while her bottom ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #225: Secretary Alaina Fox Spanked and Caned - 25 Minutes
When Alaina Fox becomes Mr. Ford's secretary and she says she'll do "anything to keep this job" she quickly learns that her misdeeds and tardiness will result in hard canings and spankings. The super cute, curvy bottomed lady whimpers while she receives a long hard caning, and becomes remorseful whe... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #224: Kay Spanks Her Boss Dani Daniels - 12 Minutes
Dani Daniels is boss to Kay Richards and she's late picking Kay up for their car pool. Dani asks Kay to take the hit for being late and Kay agrees if she gets the chance to spank her boss's juicy booty. Dani reluctantly agrees and Kay puts her over her knee for a nice, long, painful hand spanking th... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #223: Spanking Over Keys - 12 Minutes
Madison Martin bursts into her roommate Snow Mercy's room demanding her keys. Snow says she doesn't have them, so Madison starts spanking Snow to get to the bottom of it. But when Madison's keys turn up, it's Snow who is delivering a nice hand spanking to her roommate's curvy bottom.
EPISODE #222: Yasmine and Chanell Round 2 - 8 Minutes
Real life roommates Yasmine de Leon and Chanell Heart are at it again, fighting over the issues of sharing a place, with Yasmine putting Chanell over her knee for a spanking, then Chanell delivering on her promise to always strike back.
EPISODE #221: Bettie Breaks In New Roommates - 12 Minutes
Bettie Bondage is back looking for new roommates and she introduces Kitten and Red Hot to the spanking rules of the apartment complex. She gives each lady a painful demonstration of a spanking and paddling while she has them read the rules and then she has Red Hot spank Kitten as well. Will they bec... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #220: Madison vs. Stevie - 18 Minutes
Stevie Rose and Madison Martin agree that the last time they spanked each other it was motivation to improve their lives. So they agree to spank each other again to improve behavior but this time they up the ante and include a large wooden paddle. Excellent scene from two curvy bottom girls who go a... JOIN FOR MORE