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EPISODE #227: Clown Spanking - 18 Minutes
Celeste Star and Jamie Hendrix are roommates. When Celeste owes Jamie a favor, Jamie demands she go work as a clown at her little sister's birthday party. She spanks Celeste to help convince her. But when Celeste returns she spanks Jamie to let her know how bad this party was. She spanks her for a l... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #226: Alaina and Madison are Spanked - 7 Minutes
Alaina Fox get spanked on her already sore bottom by Mr. Ford. But when Madison arrives, and it is learned that she had a lot to do with Alaina's behavior, Madison gets spanked first by Alaina, then by Mr. Ford. And while he is spanking Madison, it is Alaina's turn to taunt Madison while her bottom ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #225: Secretary Alaina Fox Spanked and Caned - 25 Minutes
When Alaina Fox becomes Mr. Ford's secretary and she says she'll do "anything to keep this job" she quickly learns that her misdeeds and tardiness will result in hard canings and spankings. The super cute, curvy bottomed lady whimpers while she receives a long hard caning, and becomes remorseful whe... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #224: Kay Spanks Her Boss Dani Daniels - 12 Minutes
Dani Daniels is boss to Kay Richards and she's late picking Kay up for their car pool. Dani asks Kay to take the hit for being late and Kay agrees if she gets the chance to spank her boss's juicy booty. Dani reluctantly agrees and Kay puts her over her knee for a nice, long, painful hand spanking th... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #223: Spanking Over Keys - 12 Minutes
Madison Martin bursts into her roommate Snow Mercy's room demanding her keys. Snow says she doesn't have them, so Madison starts spanking Snow to get to the bottom of it. But when Madison's keys turn up, it's Snow who is delivering a nice hand spanking to her roommate's curvy bottom.
EPISODE #222: Yasmine and Chanell Round 2 - 8 Minutes
Real life roommates Yasmine de Leon and Chanell Heart are at it again, fighting over the issues of sharing a place, with Yasmine putting Chanell over her knee for a spanking, then Chanell delivering on her promise to always strike back.
EPISODE #221: Bettie Breaks In New Roommates - 12 Minutes
Bettie Bondage is back looking for new roommates and she introduces Kitten and Red Hot to the spanking rules of the apartment complex. She gives each lady a painful demonstration of a spanking and paddling while she has them read the rules and then she has Red Hot spank Kitten as well. Will they bec... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #220: Madison vs. Stevie - 18 Minutes
Stevie Rose and Madison Martin agree that the last time they spanked each other it was motivation to improve their lives. So they agree to spank each other again to improve behavior but this time they up the ante and include a large wooden paddle. Excellent scene from two curvy bottom girls who go a... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #219: Spanking in the Dining Room - 12 Minutes
Kay and Mia Vallis are waiting for Kay's girlfriend to arrive to punish her. But when she is late, and Kay calls her, Mia starts spanking and paddling Kay while she is on the phone to her girlfriend. It is embarrassing and painful and Kay gets her revenge by putting Mia over her knee for a spanking ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #218: Mr. Ford Spanks Madison Again - 8 Minutes
Madison Martin never seems to learn her lesson when it comes to Mr. Ford. Whenever she misbehaves, he will always put her over his knee for a very hard spanking. Her big bottom gets bright red in the living room where he gives it to her good this time.
EPISODE #217: Plumber Chad Spanks Kay - 10 Minutes
Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) calls in plumber Chad Alva to fix her pipes. But she can't pay him and just wanted a date. He gets so angry that he puts the naughty girl over his knee and gives her a hard hand spanking right there in the kitchen. She gets red and can't sit down and has to watch him lea... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #216: Yasmine and Chanell Become Spanking Roommates - 17 Minutes
Real life roommates Yasmine deLeon and Chanell Heart portray new roommates. Yasmine has a list of rules for Chanell to sign off on before she will accept her. Chanell's defiance leads to her getting a spanking from Yasmine. But then she returns the favor on Yasmine's cute bottom. They both end up re... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #215: PJ Spanking Time - 13 Minutes
Koko Kitten and Sarah Gregory have already had one spanking battle. But now that Sarah is looking for a place to stay for a while, another spanking battle is in store. This time Sarah spanks Koko in her dropseat PJs before Koko gets her revenge. And they even use a leather paddle.
EPISODE #214: Snow and Madison Battle Again - 15 Minutes
Madison is going on a spur of the moment trip - just when her rent is due. Her roommate Snow won't be covering for her while she's gone. A spanking is in order for Madison, who isn't known to turn the other cheek. Madison gives Snow a taste of her own medicine and both ladies end up with red, sore b... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #213: Snow Battles Office Manager Alexis Grace - 14 Minutes
Snow Mercy has an issue with her rent check and when she visits the rental office Alexis Grace has no tolerance. The two beauties argue, which ends in a spanking for each. Alexis is wearing sexy nylons and when Snow gets her punishment, it includes a wooden paddle. Rent should never be an issue agai... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #212: Kay's New Boss Pilot Dani Daniels - 15 Minutes
Dani Daniels is a pilot who also happens to be flight attendant Kay's new boss. When Dani confronts Kay after her third offense Kay begs Dani not to fire her, but instead spank her. When Dani warms to this idea, she spanks Kay very hard - so much so that Kay pleads for her to stop and fire her inste... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #211: Sarah Gregory Meets Koko - 17 Minutes
Sarah Gregory is willing to do anything to represent hot new artist Koko Kitten, even take a hard spanking from her in her own office. But she figures out that Koko is not exactly who she claims to be, so a revenge spanking is in order. Two good hand spankings from the two spanking superstars!
EPISODE #210: More Spanking with Kay and Mia - 13 Minutes
Kay (Kymberly Jane) admits that she is dating a female, which doesn't go over well with the very conservative Mia, who puts Kay over her knee of a spanking to teach her a lesson. But when Kay discovers that Mia has been in contact with her gf, it's Mia's turn for a spanking.
EPISODE #209: Paris Kennedy Painful Secretery Job - 23 Minutes
Paris Kennedy gets hired as Mr. Ford's new secretary. When she is extremely late and inefficient, she gets a choice - fired or take discipline. She needs the job so she receives extreme caning, spanking and paddling to keep her job and promises to do better next time. We'll see.
EPISODE #208: Madison Visits Officer Stevie - 19 Minutes
Madison Martin follows Officer Stevie Rose home from an AA meeting. Madison finds Stevie having a drink. She threatens to tell on Stevie unless she submits to a long hard spanking with her hand and a wooden paddle. But Stevie won't take this without dishing some back on Madison's curvy bottom!