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EPISODE #79: Officer Chris spanks Louise - 10 Minutes
Louise (played by Sarah Gregory) sneaks into Officer Chris's hotel room to steal some evidence. Office Chris catches Louise and searches her, then puts her over her knee for a very hard spanking.
EPISODE #78: Madison spanked after reading letter - 12 Minutes
Madison decides to skip work and stay in a nearby hotel room. But Mr Phillips, Harmony's boss, shows up to the room with a note from Harmony (who is Madison's boss). Madison reads how she will either be spanked by Mr. Phillips, or fired. She chooses the spanking. And it's a hard one!
EPISODE #77: Chloe spanks Kailee with Hairbrush - 12 Minutes
Chloe catches Kailee sneaking through her desk and snaps a photo of her. She threatens to show the photo to everyone unless Kailee agrees to submit to a very painful hairbrush spanking over her knee. Reluctantly, Kailee agrees, and gets a sound spanking.
EPISODE #76: Clare spanks Amber again for Tagging - 14 Minutes
When Clare catches Amber tagging again, she spanks her over her knee with her hand, puts her in the corner with her panties in her mouth, then spanks her hard with a hairbrush. Maybe Amber will finally learn to never tag again.
EPISODE #75: Kay's Birthday Spankings - 24 Minutes
It's Kay's 25th birthday. Layla calls her into her office to give Kay 25 swats with a large yardstick. When Kay gets home, her ex-girlfriend Ashley greets her for another birthday spanking. Ashley gives Kay plenty of spanks over her dress, panties, and bare. Roomie Madison must work late, so she cal... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #74: Chloe's Boss spanks and canes her - 16 Minutes
Chloe's boss comes to her apartment to fire her. But she explains how at her apartment complex, people are given second chances if they take a spanking. So her boss is willing to give it a try and spanks Chloe hard before caning her too.
EPISODE #73: Ashley's Birthday Surprise - 18 Minutes
Amber has Ashley go to an all girls party where the guests gang up on Ashley and all spank her for her birthday, passing her from knee to knee. Well Ashley gets her revenge on Amber the next day by spanking her hard with her hand, then hairbrush.
EPISODE #72: Officer Chris spanks Clare - 8 Minutes
Clare has been attempting to blackmail and boss around Officer Chris. Well Office Chris is having none of that. So she teaches Clare a hard lesson right in the bathroom, first taking her over the knee for a hard spanking, then bending Clare over the counter to drive home the lesson. She brings Clare... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #71: Madison meets Tawny - 14 Minutes
When Madison is so late for class that only her TA named Tawny (played by Madison Young) remains, she pleads with Tawny to not mark her as absent. Tanwy refuses until Madison suggests taking a spanking, which Tanwy agrees to.
EPISODE #70: Kay teaches the maid Spanklish - 14 Minutes
The maid messes up one too many times because of her language issues, so Kay decides to teach her English - while spanking her, which provides extra incentive.
EPISODE #69: Chloe spanks Elf Madison - 10 Minutes
When Madison forgets to prepare for the apartment complex Christmas party, as she agreed to do, Chloe teaches her a lesson by making Madison put on a revealing elf costume and bend over Chloe's knee for a hand and hairbrush spanking.
EPISODE #68: David's New Girlfriend - 18 Minutes
Madison's ex boyfriend David has a new girlfriend named Leia. She is a spoiled British girl. When David calls Madison to ask for advice, Madison suggests that David give Leia a sound spanking - and that is exactly what he does.
EPISODE #67: Noise Reduction - 16 Minutes
When Kay and Madison argue and then begin spanking each other, their landlady (played by Mistress Gimini) finds their front door open and the spanking noise too much. She teaches them both what a hard spanking really is by first putting them over her knee, then bending them over each other for a har... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #66: Girlscout vs. Cheerleader - 28 Minutes
Hollie and Sophie dress as a cheerleader and girlscout for a Halloween party. Sophie explains how things at the apartment complex are often resolved with spankings. When Sophie keeps complaining, Hollie gives spankings a try by tossing Sophie over her knee for a long one. But when Sophie discovers H... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #65: Susan's Revenge - 8 Minutes
After Susan complains to Kay's boss Layla about Kay spanking her, the clinic is faced with a law suit. Unless Kay allows Susan to spank her back. Which of course Layla approves and even joins in on.
EPISODE #64: Credit Spanking - 8 Minutes
Louise (Sarah Gregory) snooped around and found that Jenny (Jenny Mack) was using Officer Chris's credit card without her knowledge. Jenny must submit to a spanking from Louise to keep her silent.
EPISODE #63: Maid spanks Kay - 8 Minutes
Kay is making a mess in her room, when the maid begins yelling at her in a language Kay doesn't understand. But when the Maid starts spanking Kay hard, Kay gets the message, don't make a mess.
EPISODE #62: Chloe vs. Kailee vs. Snow - 14 Minutes
Kailee heard about Chloe spanking her sister, so she decides to get revenge by spanking Chloe. But when Chloe's roommate Snow sees this, she defends Chloe's honor by spanking, then caning Kailee.
EPISODE #61: Madison and Mark date - 12 Minutes
Madison is 12 minutes late to her meeting with Mark. They agree to date, but he must cure her of this bad habit, so he spanks her, then gives her 12 whacks with the paddle in front of his secretary Cynthia, bringing Madison to tears.
EPISODE #60: Chloe's Bad Accounting - 10 Minutes
When Madison's tax return causes her to penalized, she spanks her accountant Chloe with hand and hairbrush. Then she spanks Ashli for recommending Chloe.