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EPISODE #139: Plumber Dixie Spanks Kay - 8 Minutes
Plumber Dixie comet is bending over and working on Kay's pipes, but not getting the job done, so Kay tries to give her some spanks. But Dixie won't tolerate this and instead puts Kay over her knee and spanks her until she speckles.
EPISODE #138: Missy Gets A New Roommate Named Koko - 18 Minutes
Missy has been going through roommates quickly, but still has standards. Koko Kitten is her new one, and she is super bratty. But since Missy is desperate, she accepts Koko, but must train her with a spanking. Will Koko tolerate this, or spank Missy right back?
EPISODE #137: Madison's Revenge on Aaliyah Love - 14 Minutes
Aaliyah Love wants Madison to watch over Rose at the office. But Madison has a price for this above and beyond request. Since she got spanked by her boss, it's her turn to spank Aaliyah. So Madison spanks her over her knee with hand and hairbrush before bending her over the desk for some swats with ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #136: Kay's Demon Spanking - 9 Minutes
Kay Richards is being a brat while sitting for her demon makeup that is being applied by Nikki. When Nikki has had enough of Kay's complaining, she pulls her over her knee and gives Kay a hard hand spanking. After, Kay has trouble sitting down and has changed her ways to be more compliant and embra... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #135: Aaliyah spanks Rose - 12 Minutes
Office manager Aaliyah Love has been ordered to use Rose (played by Ashley Rose) as a new employee at the office. But Rose is a terrible worker. So what's a boss to do? She spanks Rose over her knee to teach her a lesson before bending her over her desk and giving her several whacks with a hard wood... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #134: Kay spanks Kelli - 14 Minutes
Kay was spanked by Kelli because she spanked her girlfriend. But now if she doesn't want Kay to tell, she must submit to a painful spanking of her own. So Kay puts the round-bottomed girl right over her knee for a sound spanking.
EPISODE #133: Madison spanked by New Boss - 12 Minutes
Madison has a new boss at the office, Aaliyah Love, who is even stricter than her last boss, Harmony. Aaliyah immediately laws down the law by putting Madison over her knee for being late and giving her a sound spanking with her hand and hairbrush otk, before bending her over for some whacks with he... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #132: Mr. Ford spanks Mary Jane - 8 Minutes
Mary Jane is working as Mr. Ford's new Photography assistant. But when he tells her to clean up their work space, she ignores him and instead does some texting. So he has no choice but to put her over his knee for a hard spanking.
EPISODE #131: Missy's Weight Loss Motivation - 10 Minutes
Madison complains to Missy about how big her butt is getting and how she can't fit into her favorite dress. Missy uses spanking and humiliation to motivate Madison to lose weight - making fun of Madison's big bottom and then spanking hit hard with her hand and a wooden paddle.
EPISODE #130: Kelli spanks Kay for Sarah - 10 Minutes
Kelli is Sarah's friend and she gets into Kay's apartment to give Kay a sound hand and hairbrush punishment for the spanking that Kay gave Sarah. Kay cries and kicks and explains how Sarah already spanked her, but it doesn't stop Kelli from turning Kay's bottom bright red and making her call Sarah d... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #129: Madison's Revenge Spanking - 8 Minutes
Madison storms into the office to get revenge on her boyfriend's secretary Cynthia (Sinn Sage). She gives her a hard over the knee spanking and then bends her over the desk for some whacks with a large yard stick, then a leather paddle. She leaves the curvy bottom secretary so sore she can't sit dow... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #128: Kay gets spanked and paddled - 18 Minutes
Kay spanked many bums to track down Sarah. Now one of them (Anita Blue) is back for revenge. She spanks and paddles Kay so hard that Kay is left red, speckled, welted and bruised.
EPISODE #127: Bouncy Bum Spankings - 14 Minutes
Anikka Albrite is the landlady's new assistant. Her job includes spanking young ladies who don't have the rent - so always broke Mary Jane is Anikka's obvious first target. She spanks Mary Jane's bouncy bottom very hard, until Mary Jane has had enough and turns the table on an equally bouncy bottom.
EPISODE #126: Missy's Revenge Spankings - 12 Minutes
It is time for Missy to get back at Madison and Claw and she does so with a vengeance. She spanks them both over her knee, one at a time, using her stingy hand, a bathbrush and a wooden spoon.
EPISODE #125: Happy New Year's with Clare - 14 Minutes
In Clare Fonda's last ever spanking scene, she is moving out of the complex and her long time friends Kay and Snow give her a New Year's toast - and they end up toatsing each other's buns rosy red with hand and hairbrush. They all went hard with the "last is the hardest" mentality.
EPISODE #124: Christmas Spankings - 14 Minutes
At their Christmas party, Clare and Virginia (played by Julie Simone) are playing games with Kay and Sierra. Spanking games of course. Cards lead to plenty of spankings in different positions and with hands and implements. This is the last ever new spanking scene from Sierra Salem.
EPISODE #123: Kay finally finds Sarah - 8 Minutes
Sarah is the one dating Ashley, who is Kay's ex girlfriend. Kay has been on a quest to find Sarah for a few years now, so she can see who replaced her. Finally, she has found her and calls her to her apt. as a "model" for hire. Kay spanks Sarah. But then the giant girl spanks Kay right back with han... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #122: Claw spanks Madison and Missy - 16 Minutes
Madison and Missy want to go to a concert, but they need someone to phone in their work places to say they are sick. They call in Missy's acting coach, but she will only make this call if she gets to spank each girl. Reluctantly, the two agree and are subjected to hard over-the-knee spankings right ... JOIN FOR MORE
EPISODE #121: Kay spanks Anita - 18 Minutes
Videos only available on this scene.
EPISODE #120: Madison vs. Chloe Halloween - 16 Minutes
Madison and Chloe Elise are getting ready to go to a Halloween party, only one of them has lost the car keys. They look around, can't find them, and then argue over who is to blame. They have a spanking contest to determine the guilty party and spank each other over and over and over in all varietie... JOIN FOR MORE