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Chloe Elise, Kay Richards and Madison Martin are three models
with exceptional skills on My Spanking Roommate

Kay Richards as Roommate Kay

Kay Richards plays an art student who is also working as a waitress, until she loses her job and becomes an assistant in a medical office. Kay fights hard not to get spanked, but is often overpowered. But she finds many opportunities to give out a hard spanking.

There is so much more to Kay than being beautiful as spanking fans know. She brings a desire to push her limits and make each shoot break new ground. Look at her bottom after s... JOIN FOR MORE

Madison Martin as Roommate Madison Martin

Madison has a curvey bottom and is willing to take a hard spanking if it will help her get what she needs. She works in an insurance office and is a photography student. She spanks those who cross her - soundly.

Chloe Elise as Chloe

Chloe works as an accountant. When she is bad, she finds herself being spanked by her boss Mr. Fuller, by her roommate Snow and many others.

Missy Rhodes as Chloe's sister Missy

Young Missy moves from a small town to this apartment complex to try to make it as an actress. She must start out as a waitress and she is introduced to many spankings, beginning with her new roommate Veronica.

Lilia Spinoza as Lilia

Lilia is manages an Egyptian diner called Cleopatra's, where she also serves ice cream. She reluctantly gets involved into the web of spanking in the apartment complex when she spanks Missy to help convince her to work as a waitress. Lilia's curvy bottom will be spanked often.

Anikka Albrite as Anikka

Anikka has a bouncy and amazing bottom. She can take and give a good spanking, too, which she proves as the landlady's assistant who has been hired to spank girls who are late with their rent.

Veronica Ricci as Veronica

Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci plays one of the girls who live at the apartment complex where spanking runs wild. Veronica tries to stay out of the spanking loop, but she can't help but get pulled in. In a big way.

Alexis Grace as Alexis

Alexis Grace plays the very tall and strong friend of Veronica Ricci's. Alexis can bully and trash talk with the best of them and her size allows her to toss most girls over her lap easily.

Miss Claw as Missy's acting coach

Miss Claw is a young, energetic beauty who teaches acting to Missy, which is a huge challenge. Once she is sucked into the spanking soap opera, she quickly shows that she can take and dish out hard spankings.

Clare Fonda as The Neighbor

Clare Fonda is the roommate's crazy neighbor lady, a bit of a cougar, who loves to get in on a good spanking whenever the opportunity arises - which is often of course. She enjoys giving a sound spanking and sometimes takes a hard one herself.

Mary Jane as Madison's Cousin

Mary Jane brings her famously round bottom to the spanking soap opera as Madison's cousin. Mary Jane takes and gives hard spankings. She plays a model who is new to town, and stays with Madison and Kay till she can find her own place.

Kailee as Kailee Martin

Kailee is Madison's youngest sister who has moved in with her sugar-momma, Simone, who is very strict, and whenever she catches Kailee doing something she doesn't approve of, she spanks her hard. And of course the Martin sisters have a history of spanking.

Steve Fueller as Mr. Fueller

Steve is one of the great male tops in the biz. For this site he plays the manager of an accounting firm, which employs Chloe. As the boss to a wayward employee who prefers old school discipline to being written up or fired, Steve will have plenty of opportunities to deliver sound spankings.

Snow Mercy as Snow

Snow is a friend of Kay's who learns about spanking from her roommate Dee Dee. At nearly 6 feet tall, Snow packs a punch, but she can take it hard, too.

James Mitchell as Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson manages a nursing home, which is represented by the insurance agency that Madison works for. Currently he is dating the very bratty Faye. He takes a lot from her, but finally gets the courage to teach her a lesson.

Sarah Gregory as Louise

Sarah wins the spanking competition with Chloe and ends up becoming Clare's assistant. Later, Clare forces Sarah to spank other girls.

Danny Creighton as David

Danny is Madison's first boyfriend, who breaks up with her quickly. He is big and strong and hears that Madison enjoys spankings - so he gives her a hard one - harder than she can take. David is bascially a nice guy with a brutal side.

Ariel X as Kay's ex-girlfriend Ashley

Ashley is Kay's ex girlfriend. She doesn't believe it when she hears that Kay is being spanked by her new roommate. So Ariel learns from Kay all about spanking - a painful lesson.

Miss Chris as Officer Chris

Officer Chris watches over the apartment complex - and if there is any funny business, she knows how to provide correction - of the most severe kind. She has a beautiful, naughty roommate named Jenni.

Jenni Mack as Jenny

Jenny is Officer Chris's girlfriend, who stays with her, but is often getting in trouble with others, such as Clare and Louise. The tall, strong and beautiful Jenny takes and gives many hard spankings.

Lana as Simone Wilson

Simone is Kailee's Sugar Mamma, who is big on discipline. She will spank as hard as anyone on the planet, with hand, strap, wooden paddle, whatever it takes to driver her point home.

Sierra Salem as Clare's "neice"

Sierra shot a number of scenes for the site before unofficially leaving the biz. So we are proud to add to the spanking soap opera what are probably her final spanking scenes. She can take a good spanking and even gives out some spankings, too. Here she is rooming with Clare, who is telling everyone Sierra is her "niece."

Mistress Gemini as Lina Ferguson

Gemini is the roommate's strict landlady. When Madison first suggests that Gemini give them a spanking for not having the rent money, she discovers that Gemini is a heavy hitter - who owns every implement under the sun.

Madison Young as Tawny

Tawny is the Teacher's Assistant in Madison Martin's photography class. When Madison introduces spanking to Tawny, this feisty lady embraces it - giving and taking hard spankings with all kinds of implements.

Rosario Stone as The maid

Rosario and her beautiful bouncy bottom is the maid who can't speak English. Kay must spank her to convince her to wear a sexy maid uniform. From that point on, the spankings never stop with her - and she is great at taking and receiving them.

Harmony as Madison's Boss

Sexy blonde Harmony was Maison's first boss at her insurance agency. This young lady was very stern and believed in discipline. Great reactions when getting spanked!

Amber 'Pixie' Wells as Amber

Amber is Clare's bratty neighbor. When Clare catches Amber spraying paint on the apartment walls, she teaches her a harsh lesson - with hand and brush. And Pixie can take it hard - which is lucky for her - because Clare gives it to her long and hard.

Sinn Sage as Cynthia

Mark's secretary Cynthia doesn't like Madison and will get into many spanking battles with her. She is a little bit bratty and learns quickly how to give a sound spanking.

Sarah Faye as Faye

Faye is Mark's girlfriend, who is very, very bratty. She is tamed by a very sound spanking the first time we see her, but no doubt she will behave badly again and get her very round bottom spanked again - and again.

Amy Aveline as Layla the Office Manager

Layla Lee is Kay's boss, the office manager at a medical office. Very prim and proper, straight-laced, and willing to spank if that's what it takes.

Ashli Orion as Nicole

The cute, energetic, Ashli (who has a very round and spankable bottom) appears as Abigail's roommate Nicole. Abigail owes her money, but it will most likely be Nicole who will end up over other people's knees. She is a wild cat who fights all spankers - usually to no avail.

Audrey Knight as The Lawyer

Audrey is a nasty lawyer who attempts to extort Mr. Ford for his spanking of Alannah. But she learns all about the influence of a sound spanking.

Abigail Whittaker as Madison's friend

There are many models who can take a mighty powerful spanking that appear on this site, and Abigail can match or top all of them. She plays Madison's old friend who will find herself in trouble often, and getting spanking unbelievably hard.

Leia-Ann Woods as Leia

Madison's ex boyfriend David starts dating Leia, a spoiled British girl who deserves a major spanking.

Alannah Rae as Kay's old friend

Alannah plays a model who used to be friends with Kay, and Kay's ex girllfriend Ashley. Kay introduces Alannah to spanking when she tries to get her to tell what she knows about Ashley's new girlfriend. In later episodes, the very large Alannah will getg her turn to spank Kay.

Nikki as The Makeup Artist

Nikki is a bratty bubble-butted in-demand make up artist who pays for rescheduling Kay's makeup appointment. She doesn't take to being spanked lightly as can dish it out with a firm hand - or wooden spoon.

Victoria Vonn as Susan Phillips

Victoria is a tall, strong girl who will do her first spanking on this site. She plays the very bratty and spoiled medical patient named Susan, who will quickly get a manners lesson from Kay but will also get her chance to top in future episodes.

Julie Simone as Virginia Martin

Julie is a popular fetish model who plays Madison's older sister Virginia. She gives a hard spanking to Clare when she hears what Clare did to her sister's bottom. But Virginia & Clare become fast friends and Virginia even ends up over Clare's knee.

Hollie Stevens as Hollie

Hollie moves into the apartment complex with Sophie. Hollie is a big, tough party girl. When she hears that spankings are common around the apartment complex, she embraces them and gives them out to Sophie.

Sophie Nova as Sophie

The proper British girl, Sophie, is much smaller than her new roommate Hollie. But Sophie is feisty and bratty, which leads to many spankings for her. She likes to spank back and resorts to any means possible - blackmail and even drugging her victims.

Alyssa Dior as Sarah

Alyssa stars as Sarah, the new girlfriend of Kay's ex. Kay has been searching for Sarah for a couple of years now and you can only imagine what happens when she finally tracks her down.

Anita Blue as Becky

Anita plays a model who knows of Sarah, who is Kay's ex girlfriend's new girlfriend. Kay drugs Anita and spanks her for information that will lead her to finding Sarah.

Beverly Bacci as A fashion model

Beverly guests as a fashion model who Madison hires for a photo shoot at a diner. But when Beverly is late, she gets one spank for each minute she missed - and she was very late. But the very toned and strong Beverly spanks Madison on the site, too.

Jewell Marceau as Madison's co-worker

Fetish Star Jewell Marceau plays one of Madison's office co-workers who is always ready to deliver a sound spanking and/or paddling every time she catches Madison acting up.

Derek as Dee Dee

Dee Dee is Snow's roommate - one with a round bottom and a flare for the dramatic. She's a schemer and that gets her in serious trouble.

Aaliyah Love as Madison's new boss

Aaliyah love takes over for Harmony as Madison's boss at the office. Aaliyah is another stern blonde who has big reactions when getting spanked. She is a little naughty to and secretly likes to sniff panties.

Kelli Staxxx as Kelli

Kelli is a big bottomed feisty lady who plays the friend of Sarah, who is shaking up with Kay's ex girlfriend. She is strong and domineering, but goes soft when she is getting spanked.

Ashley Rose as Rose

Rose is a tall girl with a big bottom who can take a hard spanking, but doesn't want to. As the slacker office worker and deadbeat roommate, she finds herself getting spanked often!

Koko Kitten as Koko

Koko Kitten is a cutie who becomes Missy's new roommate. She is super bratty and seems to always deserve spankings. She thinks she is an artist, but actually just does nails.

Dixie Comet as Dixie The Plumber

Fetish star Dixie Comet plays the plumber at the apartment complex who gets sucked into the girls spanking world. Dixie has high energy and is great verbally.

Angelica Saige as Bratty Model

Angelica Saige is a tall beauty with a nice, cuvry bottom. She is very naughty and deserves a spanking. So when she is ever late, you will see that thing jiggle from ever spank and those long legs kick like crazy.

Ludella Hahn as Kay's Life Coach

Ludella Hahn comes to us via pinup and burlesque, but her juicy round bottom is perfect for spanking. And she takes and gives a good spanking. Ludella plays Kay's life coach, hired by Kay's mom to get Kay to change her ways.

Alyssa Reece as Alyssa

Alyssa Reece moves into the complex with her new roommate Melissa Jacobs. She quickly learns how things are done around her as her curvy bottom gets spanked and red. But she learns fast how to give out hard spankings, too.

Melissa Jacobs as Melissa

Melissa Jacobs is a feisty young lady who can take and give pretty hard spankings. She never wants to back down, unless she is spanked into submission. She plays Alyssa Reece's roommate.

Logan as Brandi's roommate

Logan is Brandi's roommate who seems to be a bit of a push-over until a phone call from Kay changes his approach to ladies. He decides it is time to spank his roommate Brandi to teach her a lesson.

Brandi as Logan's roommate

Brani is young and small and a bit of a brat. She always wants her way, until her roommate Logan spanks her to teach her a lesson. She changes into a new, reformed young lady.

Isobel Wren as Isobel

Isobel Wren is an outgoing slightly promiscuous young lady who is desperate for a roommate who doesn't mind sharing her one bed apartment.

Kitty as Kitty

Kitty is a prim and proper religious young lady who is prepared to spank anyone who doesn't see things her way. Of course that may lead to her big bouncy bottom getting spanked as well.

Maddy Marks as Maddy

Maddy Marks is a tall, cute girl with a nice smile and nice bootie who can take and give good spankings.

Jenna Rose as Jenna

Jenna Rose was a Penthouse Pet of the Year. She brings her beauty and toned muscles to this role of zesty roommate who spanks hard.

Jasmine Mendez as Jasmine

Jasmine Mendez is a super hot Latino with a fiery personality who can really, really bring it when it comes to spanking. She is a bit of a whimp when it comes to getting spanked, but when she spanks another girl, wow that girl will feel it!

Bettie Bondage as Bettie

Bettie Bondage is a professional dominatrix at Sanctuary LAX in Los Angeles. She is a proud sadist who can spank hard, but is also willing to get spanked for this site.

Mia Vallis as Mia

Mia Vallis is a tall beauty who is new to spanking, but has learned to embrace it. She has become a professional dominatrix and can be very tough, or very sweet and innocent when getting spanked. You will love her!

Courtney Shea as Courtney

Courtney Shea is a sexy new apartment renter who is a little bit crazy and loves to spank. Her cute southern accent and temper come in to play often.

Mz Fiona X as Kay's Mom

Mz. Fiona X is a pro domme at the Sanctuary LAX who brings her special brand of domestic domination to this site as Kay's stern mom. Mostly she does the spanking, but on occasion she will take a spanking, too, on her beautifully curvy bottom.

Pandora Blake as Pandodra the Lawyer

Pandora Blake is a spanking superstar and we are so happy to have her on this site playing a slightly incompetent lawyer who gets spanked often are her curvy bum, but is reading a willing to dish out hard spankings at any time, as well. Which is often.

Lilly as Lilly

Lilly is a professional sub at The Dominion in LA. She can take a very hard spanking, and is even known to enjoy it from time to time. She is very naughty, so guess what - she gets spanked a lot.

Krissy Kage as Krissy

Krissy Kage is an extreme model who can take a super hard spanking. She has a nice bottom, is good verbally and has quite the unusual look.

Chloe Love as Chloe Love

Chloe Love is a cute girl with a perky bottom who is new to spanking but was instantly good at taking it and giving it.

Stevie Rose as Officer Stevie

Excellent Stevie Rose is great at giving and taking hard spanking on her curvy bottom. She plays a sexy policewoman who will dish out some discipline to bad girls.

Rainey Lane as Rainey

Rainey Lane is a pro switch who has a lot of experience spanking and getting spanked. She plays one of Kay's roommates who learns the hard way about being a good roomie.

Lana Lopez as Lana Lopez

Cute Latino/Asian Lana Lopez brings her sweet style and bouncy bottom to the site as someone auditioning to be Kay's roommate. Which means she gets a spanking from Kay's mom.

Persephone as Persephone

At under 5 feet tall and about 90 pounds, Persephone is our smallest model ever. But she can take a good spanking and is respectable at dishing it out as well.

Bunny as Bunny

Bunny is cute, big and very submissive. She is shy and gets spanked a lot and accepts her fate.

Luna as Luna

Luna is another pro sub who has a cute face and perky bottom and she gets in trouble a lot, which results in spankings.

Elektra Rose as Elektra

Elektra Rose is a young cute girl who has a perky bottom.

Paris Kennedy as Paris

Paris Kennedy is a fetish superstar who plays Paris the secretary for Mr. Ford who messes up and gets spanked for it.

Dani Daniels as Dani Daniles Pilot

Daniel Daniels plays a pilot who becomes Kay's boss. Dani is an excellent spanker and has a magnificent booty for spanking. Outstanding addition to the site!!

Yasmine deLeon as Yasmine

Yasmine deLeon is a hot porn star who shares her kinky side for this site and her real life roommate plays her roommate on the site. They really enjoyed spanking each other!

Chanell Heart as Chanell

Chanell Heart is a hot porn star with a curvy booty who shares her kinky side for this site and her real life roommate plays her roommate on the site. They really enjoyed spanking each other!

Red Hot as Red Hot roommate

Red Hot is a cute young lady with red hair, a naughty smile and a curvy bottom.

Kitten Tits as Kitten

Kitten chose her name Kitten Tits so you get an idea how wild she can be. She can take a very hard spanking!

Alaina Fox as Alaiina

When Alaina Fox becomes Mr. Ford's secretary she learns all about strict discipline. Alaina has a nice, cuvry bottom and sexy face and takes a hard spanking and caning.

Chad Alva as Chad the Plumber

Chad Alva is an adult model who lends his spanking talents to the site as an outraged plumber who believes in discipline.

Celeste Star as Celeste

Celeste Star is a well known adult star who is good at spanking. She plays a roommate of Jamie Hendrix on this site. Lots of energy!

Jamie Hendrix as Jamie

Jamie Hendrix is a young adult star who didn't know anything about spanking until she shot for this site and worked with Celeste Star, who plays her roommate.

Mandy Muse as Mandy

Mandy Muse makes her spanking debut with us on this site - and shares her amazing bubble butt and her willingness to spank hard.

Jenna Sativa as Jenna

This sexy hottie plays a naughty, sassy young lady who needs a good spanking.

John Osborne as Landlord John

John Osborne is a super successful spanking star who brings his talents to this site as the strict landlord.

Kitty Catherine as Kitty

Kitty Catherine is super cute, with a curvy booty and she is outstanding verbally when she takes a sound spanking.

Harley Havik as Harley

This tall cutie with a curvy booty can take and give a good spanking. She is feisty and learns her lesson when she becomes Kay's roommate.

Amelie as Amelie

Amelie plays Snow Mercy's big bottomed niece. Amelie can take a great spanking and it's enjoyable to watch her buns bounce when she does.

Linny Lace as Linny

Linnly Lace is a cutie who can take a hard spanking and she does for this site!

AlexH as Alex

Alex H is a glamour model who decided to try spanking just for our sites. Her VERY curvy, sexy bottom is amazing for spanking and she is a willing spanker as well!

Briella Jaden as Briella

Briella Jaden is a spunky naughty roommate with a nice bottom who can take a spanking and dish one out.

Savannah Fox as Savannah

Savannah Fox is well known for having a big, juicy bottom and she can take a solid spanking and is pretty good at giving one as well.

Elori Stix as Elori

Elori Stix is a tiny lady with a curvy bottom who is very expressive and can take a good spanking. For a little one she can give a pretty good spanking, too.

Kira as Kira

Kira is a cutie with a big bottom and eagerness to spank.

Apricot Pitts

Apricot Pitts is a sexy young lady who can give and take a sound spanking. She plays a scientist on the site.

Chrissy Marie as Chrissy

Chrissy Marie is a rising spanking star who is great at getting spanked on this site plus does some exclusive topping here as well.

Lola Anderson as Lola

Cute and sexy Lola Anderson makes her spanking debut on this site. Her bottom gets quite red and marked.

Cora Ora as Cora

Cora Ora is a young cutie who steps out of the adult porn world and into the roommates site to lend her pert bottom to some spanking.

Addie Juniper as Addie

Addie Juniper is a long time successful fetish star who enjoys a good spanking and plays Kay's friend on this site.

Arielle Lane as The Maid

Arielle Lane is a cute fetish model who can take a good spanking on her curvy bottom.

Natalia Love as Natalia

Natalia Love is a very curvy girl with a big bottom who becomes the roommate of Kay.

Emily Parker as Emily

Emily Parker is a tall, curvy beauty who can give a good spanking.

Hannah Hunt as Hannah

Hannah Hunt is normally a dominatrix but she subs to Bette Bondage on this site and it is a joy watching her curvy bottom get spanked.

Cherry Kitty as Cherry

Cherry is a cute young lady with a curvy bottom who can take a sound spanking. She plays the secretary of the apartment complex office.

Nikki Turner as Nikki

Nikki Turner can give a very hard spanking!

Ashley Lane as Ashely Lane

Ashley Lane is a super sexy adult star who enjoys a spanking on her perky bottom and can give one from time to time as well.

Dria as Dria

Dria is a hottie with one of the best curvy bottoms you will find anywhere. She can take a really hard spanking, too!

Adriana Evans as Office Manager Adriana

Adriana Evans is a spanking star who gives and gets sound spanking on this site!

Joy Luck as Joy Luck

Joy Luck is a pro switch who can spanked and get spanked and has lots and lots of energy and personality.

Madame SamanthaB as Samantha

The noisy neighbor who will not tolerate loud noise and will definitely spank someone for giving attitude.

Ace as The Boss

Ace plays the strict boss.

Alex Reynolds as Alex

Alex Reynolds is a spanking superstar who lends her talents to this site.

Christy Cutie as Christy

Christy Cutie appeared on this site just before she retired.

River Fox as River

River Fox is a beauty with a nice booty that gets a sound spanking.

Kat as Kat

A blast from the past this spanko has appeared in many classic scenes in the spanking world.

Kyle Johnson as Kyle

Kyle plays the boss in a local office who likes to discipline his naughty workers.

Riley Anne as Riley

Riley Anne is a beautiful adult star who can take a good spanking.

Aali Kali

Aail Kali is lean with a nice bottom that gets red when it is spanked. Cute blonde, great verbally.

Lux Lives as Lux

Lux Lives is a very tall (over 6 ft) fetish model who can take a sound spanking.

Rachel Adams as Maid Rachel

Rachel Adams can take a hard spanking and is well knows for crying real tears when she does so.

Miss Elizabeth as Miss Elizabeth Landlady

Miss Elizabeth is one of the best loved dominant ladies in the biz. She can really deliver a sound punishment!

Luci Lovett as Luci

Luci Lovett is a fetish star who can take a sound spanking. And she does when she cannot pay the rent on time.

Anastasia Rose as Anastasia

Anastasia Rose is a cute tiny adult and fetish star with a nice bubble butt who can take and give a good spanking. She is high energy as a roommate of Clare.

Bella Rolland as Bella

Bella Rolland is a rising porn star who is a tall beauty with a round booty. She has shot spanking scenes exclusively for our sites.

Andy Moon as Model Andy

Andy Moon is a fetish and adult star who can take a very hard spanking and even kind of enjoys it.

Sailor Luna as Receptionist Beccy

Sailor Luna (now known as Rebecca Vanguard) plays the receptionist who is bratty. This tall, sexy porn star can take and give a sound spanking.

Iris as Iris

Iris is a tall sexy pro switch.

Cami Smalls as Cami

Cami Smalls is a short porn star with a very curvy bottom. She plays the sister of Kay on the site.

Ten Amorette as Ten

Ten Amorette plays the niece to Mr. Ford. She is bratty and this lady can take a hard spanking!

Cece Lachey as Cece

Cece Lachey is a pro switch with a curvy bottom who can give and take a sound spanking!

Gigi Lea as Gigi

Gigi Lea and her curvy bottom have become quite popular on our sites. Here she spanks and gets spanked by her real-life roommate.

Deliah Day as Delilah

This super sexy porn star lends her spanking talents to this site

Harmony Rivers as Harmony Rivers

Harmony Rivers is a feisty porn star who gives up her tender bottom for our sites

Alex More as Alex More

Alex More is an adult star who can take a sound spanking.

April Rain as April

April Rain is a pro switch who can take and give a spanking.

Kajira Bound as Handy Woman

Kajira Bound is a rising spanking star who plays the handy woman at the apartment complex.

Wolfie as Wolfie

Wolfie is a fetish star who can take a sound spanking.

Courtney Chambers as Mom to Nikki

Courtney Chambers was one of the original models on our sites who makes an appearance in a never released on the web scene.

Patty as Patty

Patty is a fetish star who shot with us when our sites first started.

Madi Laine as Madi

Madi Laine is a sexy porn star with long legs who can take and give a pretty solid spanking.

Spanky as Spanky

Spanky is one of the OG hard-taking spanking models

Delilah as Delilah

Delilah is a beautiful spanking model who worked at a dungeon and was well known for taking hard spankings.

Mikayla Miles as Mother to Madison Martin

Mikayla Myles is a tall and powerful beauty who can deliver a sound spanking.

Gwen Vicious as Gwen

Gwen is a porn star with a nice curvy bottom who can take a sound spanking.

Nikki Sweet as Nikki

Nikki Sweet is a cute porn star with a bubble butt who can take a sound spanking. She turns very red.

Kat C. as Kat C.

Kat C. was one of the first models we shot for our sites and she makes a brief appearance on the site with her big curvy bottom getting spanked hard.

Sky Terrapin as Sky

Sky Terrapin is a profession switch who is tall, beautiful, has a nice butt and can give and take a hard spanking. What is not to love?

Abbie Maley as Abbie

Abbie Maley is a tiny porn star who is extremely fit and toned with a nice bubble butt that gets quite red.

Tiana Irie as Tiana

Tiana Irie can take and give a very hard spanking.

Yasmine Sinclair as Yasmine

Yasmine Sinclair is a spanking star who can both take and give a great spanking.

Sophia as Sophia

Sophia is one of our original models and she has an amazing bottom.

Madison Swan as Madison Swan

Madison Swan is a strong and powerful fetish star who excels and wrestling and can give a sound spanking.

Kyla Keys as Mom of Sky

Kyla Keys is a cute MILF porn star who is all in to give and receive a sound spanking.

Carmen B as Carmen

Carmen is a pro switch who enjoys giving and reeving spankings.

Numi Zarah as Numi

Numi Zarah is a porn star with a big booty is quite the cutie.

Lexi Holland as Lexi

Lexi Holland is a gorgeous pro switch who can take a sound spanking on her lovely bottom but can also give a good one, too.

Sage Pillar as Sage

Sage Pillar is a fetish and adult star who is quite the beauty with a very nice booty. She brings high energy and a willingness to do anything to her scenes.

Cheyenne Jewel as Cheyenne

Cheyenne Jewel is a long time fetish star who has been on all of our other sites, but now debuts on this one. She can give and take a nice spanking on her bubble butt.

Tokyo Lynn as Tokyo

Tokyo Lynn is a porn star with an amazingly round bottom.

Rose B as Rose

Rose B is a rising fetish model who really loves a good spanking. She is fantastic verbally, quite clever and theatrical.

Greasy Rose as Rose

Greasy Rose is very tall with an alternative look. Her pain tolerance is low so even a mild spanking results in very real yelps.

Constance as Constance

Constance is a traveling fetish model who tops only.

Luna Leve as Luna

Luna Leve is a cutie with a very large booty who is very game to take or give a nice spanking.

Bella Ink as Bella Ink

Bella Ink is a fetish model who can dish out a very sound spanking!

Sophia Quinn as Sophia

Sophia Quinn is a super cute fetish model who can take a great spanking. She has a wonderful curvy bottom and lots of energy!

Miss Bernadette as Bernadette

Miss Bernadette is a strict domme who spanks young ladies on many sites.

Case Cherry as Case

Case Cherry is a tall, sexy fetish model who is good at all things spanking related.

Amy Fox as Amy

Amy Fox is a rising spanking star

Amy Fox as Amy

Amy Fox is a rising spanking star

Clara Matthews as Miss Matthews

Clare Matthews is a well known British top.

Graycee Baybee as Graycess

Graycee Baybee is a tall, beautiful porn star who, turns out, can give a sound spanking and enjoys being naked. We put those traits to good use.

Staci as Stacy

Staci was one of our original models. She has a big, juicy bottom and can take a sound spanking.

Dani Synclair as Dani

Dani Synclair is a sexy model with a curvy booty who can give a sound spanking and take a hard one.

Beverly Snow as Beverly

Beverly Snow is a curvy porn star who likes to get her bottom spanked.

Riley Haze as Riley

Riley Haze is a cute spanking model who can take and give a good spanking.

Em Indica as Em

Em Indica is a cute porn star with a curvy bottom who can take and give a sound spanking.

Eve as Eve

Eve is a pro switch.

Kim Chi as Kim

Kim Chi is a traveling fetish model who brings high energy to her scenes.